Brew guides

Awaken the barista within you! Our easy to follow guides helps you make barista style coffee at home.

Cafetiere/French Press

A Cafetiere is easy to use and brings out a strong and intense flavour. Perfect if you like strong, deep and rich flavours.

V60 Drip Filter

V60 will creates a lighter bodied coffee, allowing delicate notes and flavours to come through. Ideal for medium to lighter roasts.


Aeropress produces a clean taste with clearly defined flavour notes. Works well with all roasts.


Chemex is perfect for bringing out the complexities of lighter roasted, more nuanced coffees and creates an infinitely smooth, clean cup.

Moka Pot

A Moka pot produces a rich, heavy-bodied strong coffee that is flavourful and versatile. Works well with medium to darker roasts.


Fabulous Coffee

Fabulous coffee, brought it for my hubby as a present and he loved it.

- Andria R

Excellent Beans

Really nice beans. Using them in my Delonghi bean to cup machine. Excellent long lasting crema and a lovely taste. No bitter aftertaste like there is with some brands.

- John Adlam

Excellent Taste

My wife has tried this coffee instead of one she has had for about 5 years and loves it. Have reordered already but consumption level has increased!!!

- Josheph Ward