Hello, we're Kaphibeans.

We're speciality coffee roasters from Yorkshire with a mission to take you on a journey through the coffee bean belt, without leaving your home. We do this by sourcing rare and unique coffee beans from around the world, the stuff you don't find on the high street. We then delicately roast them with our roasting profiles to bring out its distinctive characteristics and flavours before delivering them straight to your door so that you can enjoy coffees as unique as you are. 

Did you know: It takes approximately 42 coffee beans to create the grounds for a single high-quality espresso coffee. Hence why even the tiniest speciality coffee often packs a heavy punch.

Ethically sourced quality beans

What makes us different from the high street brands? Our sourcing and relationship with our farmers. 

We rigorously go above and beyond to find the best beans. Those with no defects or insect damage. We then assess the character by blind cupping the coffee. This allows us to assess the consistency and flavour profile of the beans. 

Once we select a bean, we then build long-lasting relationships with our farmers. We do this by paying the farmers way more than fairtrade prices so that farmers can build flourishing communities.

Did you know: It takes a whole coffee tree to produce enough beans for a small 250g bag

Kaphi Beans. How did it all start?

Kaphibeans was built by two brothers from Yorkshire who wanted to share their passion for speciality coffee. We saw how the commodity coffee market was destroying the essence of what coffee should be. Think about it, how often have you purchased supermarket coffees that taste bitter, burnt and unfulfilling? You see, coffees should exhibit different characters, aromas and flavours because no two coffees are the same. 

From then onwards, we have been on a journey. To make sure nobody drinks a bad cup of coffee again! Kaphibeans will take you on a journey through the coffee belt, letting you explore speciality coffees without leaving your home. 

Did you know: Speciality coffee forms only 5% of the total coffee produced in the world!